MWG Portals

MWG Client Portal

The MWG Client Portal is designed with existing clients in mind. If you’ve purchased a policy, you can address your individual insurance needs day or night. The portal allows you to update basic contact info, add or delete a dependent, change a payment method or review your payment history. Look for the latest policy info in a special “Documents” tab located on your portal.

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MWG Group Portal

If you're an HR Super User, the MWG Group Portal is for you. Convenient and user-friendly, the portal is a secure place to manage active participants in your company's MWG product or plan. Add or term dependents from their policy. Edit employees who are active participants in the plan or product. Add locations to your company profile and have the ability to review and pay invoices.

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MWG Broker Portal

The MWG Broker Portal makes managing info easy for contracted Morgan White agents and brokers. You can manage your banking details for direct deposit of monthly commissions. New contact info can be updated without picking up the phone. Your commission statements from the start through present day of your partnership with us can be accessed via the Broker Portal.

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