Please Note: This is NOT a complete listing of our available products.

International Products

MWG International provides insurance administrative services to insurers who offer policies to persons who are not permanent residents of the United States. Today MWG International provides services to Certain Underwriters’ at Lloyd’s of London, AmFirst Insurance Company, Ltd., and America First Insurance Company, Ltd. Most of the medical insurance products marketed by MWG International provide coverage inside and outside of the insured’s country of residence at their discretion.


Insurance Lockbox

Insurance Lockbox is an online storage tank for your personal information related to insurance, financial information, important documents, real estate holdings, and many other topics of important information that people would need if anything were to happen to you.


Crema Design Studio

Crema Design Studio is our source for graphic design and marketing. They are a full featured, independent design agency offering print and web design services at competitive prices. In addition to their work for MWG (which includes the design of this site, the Insurance Lockbox site, and Xnet Webworks) they also service dozens of other clients — ranging from insurance agents to law firms to restaurants. If your logo, brochures, or website are of in need of a face lift, consider Crema Design Studio.